Street Seats

Reserved Seating

Our online ticketing system becomes active on August 15 at 10:00 AM!  To go directly to our online ticketing system, please select one of the options below.



Seats are available throughout Downtown, and are individually marked and reserved (See the Seat Map below to plan your location).  Your seats, once purchased, will be held throughout the parade; however, you must keep in mind that traffic can be an issue and we encourage everyone to not wait until the last minute to drive Downtown.  If you are unable to make it to your seats in time, we will be unable to issue a refund.  See additional traffic notes below.

Here are our seating options:

  1. More Choices!  Sections are smaller, allowing for more choices around the parade route.  
  2. We've opened up more areas for free seating - check the map, but remember, these spaces fill up first!
  3. THE PRICE YOU SEE, IS THE PRICE YOU PAY!  There are no additional service fees added to the costs - everything is included.
  4. Front Row Seats (ROW A) - each section has a front row, and these seats are available for purchase.
  5. There are only three rows in each section (except for a few sections along 9th Street).  Those with more than three rows consist of chairs for the first three rows (ROWS A, B, C), and elevated chairs for the remaining rows (ROWS D, E).   
  6. Gold Seats (formerly known as VIP Hot Seats) - Several sections are now available for this very popular seating area, which includes complementary, non-alcoholic beverages, padded chairs and private portable restroom facilities.  The Gold Seat areas have been completely redesigned with service and access in mind to avoid the issues we had last year.  
  7. Discounts are available for seniors (60 and older) and children (12 and younger), as well as for the purchase of Family Fun Packs (four tickets purchased at one time).  Infants, as long as they can sit in a lap, will not need a reserved seat. 
  8. Corporations interested in purchasing 25 seats or more should contact our office directly for one-on-one service.
  9. The sections are coded as follows:
  • All Sections marked "B," as in, "B11, B12, etc.," are on Belknap Street in front of the County Courthouse
  • All Sections marked, "C," as in, "C11, C103, C503, etc.," are on Commerce Street
  • All Sections marked, "N," as in, "N11, N13 or N15," are on 9th Street in front of the Convention Center.
  • All Sections marked, "H," as in, "H101, H304, H701, H902, etc.," are on Houston Street.

The parade route directly adjoins the ITC Transportation Center, making this the HUB of your travel to and from Downtown, expanding the convenience of taking the bus or train.  The T will be available systemwide for transit to the ITC for FREE after 4:00 PM, and a new, FREE shuttle from Farrington Field (University Ave. and Lancaster Ave., across from Will Rogers Event Center), will bring you right Downtown, and will run from 2:00 to 10:00 PM!


  • Traffic becomes congested downtown beginning at 4:00 PM.  We encourage you to take The T, or the TRE to the ITC in Downtown to enjoy the shops and restaurants and avoid the traffic congestion.  
  • The parade route itself becomes congested around 5:00 PM, and it becomes difficult to actually get to your seats if you arrive later than 5:00.
  • We cannot issue refunds if you are unable to arrive at your seats due to traffic or pedestrian congestion - please plan accordingly.  
  • Check out all of our Parking and Access information prior to your journey to plan a seamless experience! 

There is plenty of space throughout the route to watch the parade for free!  The sidewalks along all blocks continue to be free.  

Come Downtown, shop or grab a bite to eat and avoid the traffic.  Be sure to turn off your GPS units when coming Downtown.

For further information, please email us.

Below is the map for the 2013 Parade.

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